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New Mexico State University
Undergraduate Catalog


Dean • Tilahun Adera

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs • Donna L. Wagner

Student Records • Jane L. Boykin

Educational Outreach Coordinator • Robert Nosbisch

Bachelor Of Community Health
Bachelor Of Science In Nursing
Bachelor Of Social Work


Within the College of Health and Social Services, the baccalaureate degree program in the School of Nursing is accredited by the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). The baccalaureate degree program in the School of Social Work is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. The Bachelor of Community Health degree program in the Department of Health Science is accredited by the Society for Public Health Education/American Association of Health Education Baccalaureate Program Approval Committee.

The College of Health and Social Services brings together associated disciplines and professional fields of study directly applied to the improvement of the quality of life and its existence in rapidly changing family and community environments. The college includes the Department of Health Science, and the Schools of Nursing and Social Work.

Bachelor Degree Graduation Requirements

Three bachelor degree programs are available. To be awarded a bachelor degree in any of the three programs (i.e., Bachelor of Community Health, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Bachelor of Social Work) you must:

  1. Complete the requirements for the degree as shown by the department in which the degree is offered including a minimum of 48 credits of upper-division courses (numbered 300 and above) and the minimum total number of credits required for the degree.
  2. Complete the general education common core presented in the general education section of this catalog, the specific general education courses that may be required by each department, and Viewing a Wider World requirements specified elsewhere in this catalog.*
  3. Complete any other requirements for graduation as discussed under “Regulations” in the “General Information” chapter of this catalog.

*Students must check with their academic advisor for current requirements and lists of specific courses that meet these requirements.

While the ultimate responsibility for planning an academic program in compliance with university, college, and departmental requirements rests with you, the college recognizes the importance of helping you work out appropriate academic programs. All Health and Social Service students pursuing baccalaureate degrees are advised about academic matters in their respective department. Students are encouraged to contact departments for specific subject area information and career planning.