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New Mexico State University
Undergraduate Catalog


Course Listings

Courses are titled in the following style:

ASTR 110G. Introduction to Astronomy 4 cr.(3+3P)
  • Course number - (110) indicates the course is a freshman course.
  • Suffix (G) - indicates an approved general education course.
  • Suffix (V) - indicates a Viewing a Wider World course.
  • Credits - The unit of university credit is the semester hour, which is the equivalent of one hour’s recitation or a minimum of two hours of practice per week for one semester. The (3+3P) means that the class meets for 150 minutes per week for lecture and also requires 150 minutes per week of "laboratory" (practice, field work, or recitation).

Course Number Designation

  • 100-199 — Freshman courses
  • 200-299 — Sophomore courses
  • 300-399 — Junior courses
  • 400-499 — Senior courses
  • 450-499 — Senior or graduate courses
  • 500-599 — First-year graduate courses
  • 600-699 — Advanced graduate courses
  • 700 — Ph.D. dissertation

In order to register for 300-level courses, a student must have met the basic academic skills requirements.

The letter N will be added as a suffix to the course number when the course credits are not applicable to the baccalaureate and specified associate degrees.