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New Mexico State University
Undergraduate Catalog


GEOL 111G. Survey of Geology - 4 cr. (3+3P)
Covers the fundamental principles of physical geology, including the origin of minerals and rocks, geologic time, rock deformation, and plate tectonics.
GEOL 212G. The Dynamic Earth - 4 cr. (3+3P)
Introduction to earth systems. Geology and the solid earth, geologic time and earth history, water and the world oceans, atmosphere and weather, the solar system. Community Colleges only.
GEOL 216. Geology of the Colorado Plateau - 3 cr.
Seminar style investigation of the geologic history of the Colorado Plateau, culminating in a 10-day field trip to choice geologic localities in Arizona and Utah. Preference given to freshmen and sophomores. Prerequisite: GEOL 111G.
GEOL 220. Special Topics - 1-3 cr.
Specific subjects to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. Community Colleges only. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits.
GEOL 250. Hiking the Geology of Southern NM - 3 cr. (1+6P)
A hiking exploration of the geologic history of southern New Mexico. Moderately strenuous Saturday hikes accompanied by background lecture material. Prerequisite(s): GEOL 111G or HON 219G. Restricted to: Main campus only.
GEOL 295. Environmental Geology - 3 cr.
Earth processes that affect humans and their works, properties of rocks and soils, use and application of environmental geologic data.
GEOL 305V. Fossils and the Evolution of Life - 3 cr.
Examination of the fossil record within the context of geologic time. Special emphasis on critical evaluation of possible terrestrial and extra-terrestrial causes for the evolution of plants and animals and for periods of mass extinction.
GEOL 310. Mineralogy - 3 cr. (2+3P)
Crystallography and the physical and chemical aspects of minerals. Prerequisite(s): GEOL 111G and CHEM 111.
GEOL 312. Optical Mineralogy - 3 cr. (2+3P)
Principles of optical mineralogy as applied to the identification and characterization of rock-forming minerals. Prerequisite or Corequisite: GEOL 310.
GEOL 315V. The Geology of National Parks - 3 cr.
The geologic features in national parks of the United States and the processes responsible for their formation.
GEOL 320. Special Topics - 1-3 cr.
Specific subjects to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits.
GEOL 335V. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Hurricanes, and Floods: The Role of Natural Hazards in Civ Past and Present - 3 cr.
This class will provide an introduction to geologic hazards and natural disasters, their effects on society, and the attempts at preparation and mitigation for these events. Hazards to be covered include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides, hurricanes, tsunamis, and others. There will be one Saturday field trip during the semester.
GEOL 353. Geomorphology - 3 cr.
Same as GEOG 353.
GEOL 360. General Geochemistry - 3 cr.
The chemistry of the earth and its parts, with emphasis on geochemical systems and cycles, distribution of the elements, and mineral equilibria. Prerequisite(s): CHEM 111 or CHEM 110G. Crosslisted with: CHEM 360
GEOL 399. Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology - 3 cr. (2+3P)
Mineralogical composition, classification, and genesis of igneous and metamorphic rocks. Prerequisite(s): GEOL 312 for geology majors, GEOL 310 for majors other than geology.
GEOL 420. Stratigraphy and Sedimentology - 3 cr. (2+3P)
Identification and interpretation of sedimentary rocks with emphasis on classification, deposition, and stratal geometry. Prerequisite: GEOL 310.
GEOL 424. Soil Chemistry - 3 cr.
Same as SOIL 424, CHEM 424.
GEOL 441. Tutorial Geology - 2 cr. (1+3P)
Participation in teaching lower-division laboratories and conducting tutorial sessions. Prerequisite: junior or above standing and nomination by faculty. May be repeated for a total of 4 credits.
GEOL 449. The Geological Profession - 1 cr.
Investigation of graduate school and employment opportunities, writing the resume, conduct at interviews, and ethics of the profession. For graduating seniors only.
GEOL 452. Geohydrology - 3 cr.
Origin, occurrence, and movement of fluids in porous media assessment of aquifer characteristics. Development and conservation of ground water resources, design of well fields. Prerequisite(s): GEOL 111G and C E 231. Crosslisted with: C E 452 and E S 452
GEOL 454. Advanced Stratigraphic Concepts - 3 cr.
Geometry and origin of strata, emphasizing techniques for correlation and interpretation. Prerequisite: GEOL 420 or equivalent.
GEOL 455. Applied Geology - 1-3 cr.
Geological research and field projects for the advanced student. May be repeated for a total of 6 credits. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
GEOL 465. Isotope Geochemistry - 3 cr.
Geochemistry of stable and radiogenic isotopes and its application to a wide range of problems in the earth and planetary sciences. Prerequisite(s): CHEM 112G, GEOL 360, GEOL 399.
GEOL 470. Structural Geology - 3 cr. (2+3P)
Deformation of rocks of the earth. Prerequisite: GEOL 310
GEOL 474. Ground Water Geology - 3 cr.
Steady-state and transient ground-water flow in porous media: effects of lithology on hydrologic characteristics of aquifers and confining units; Darcy s Law applied to steady-state flow; distribution of hydraulic head in confined and unconfined aquifers; recharge and discharge in regional and local ground-water flow systems; ground-water surface-water interaction; steady-state and transient flow to wells; aquifer testing and evaluation of safe yields. Introduction to numerical flow modeling. Prerequisite: GEOL 111G.
GEOL 475. Geology of Mineral Resources - 3 cr. (2+3P)
Introduction to ore deposits and industrial rocks and minerals; genesis, mining methods, estimation of reserves, exploration, and economic aspects of selected commodities. Prerequisite: GEOL 399.
GEOL 476. Marine Paleoecology - 3 cr. (2+3P)
Paleontological and sediment logic analysis of the fossil marine record to reconstruct past ecosystems by interpreting the life habits of past organisms, their association in communities and their relationship to the environments in which they lived.
GEOL 477. Special Problems - 1-3 cr.
Selected advanced topics of current interest or importance. May be repeated for a total of 6 credits. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
GEOL 478. Petroleum Geology - 3 cr. (2+3P)
Stratigraphy, tectonics, and sedimentation in relation to occurrence of and exploration for hydrocarbons. Prerequisite: GEOL 420.
GEOL 479. Environmental Soil Chemistry - 3 cr.
Same as SOIL 479.
GEOL 480. Seminar - 1-3 cr.
Supervised study of a subject not covered by regular courses. For organized group meetings treating selected advanced topics. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits.
GEOL 490. Field Geology - 3 cr. (9P)
Mapping, instrumentation, and interpretation of geology in the field. Prerequisites: either GEOL 420 and GEOL 470.
GEOL 491. Tectonic Evolution of North America - 3 cr.
Current ideas regarding the plate-tectonic evolution of North America from Archean through Holocene time, emphasizing the use of regional stratigraphy and structural geology to interpret mountain building, magmatism, and basin development. Prerequisites: GEOL 111G, GEOL 399, GEOL 420 and GEOL 470.
GEOL 495. Geology Field Camp - 4 cr. (12P)
Three week intensive summer course. Geologic mapping in a site-based setting, emphasizing spatial relations, cross-section construction, and preparation of geologic reports. Prerequisite: GEOL 490
GEOL 499. Senior Thesis - 1-3 cr.
Writing a formal paper describing original geologic research conducted under supervision of a faculty advisor. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Restricted to majors.