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New Mexico State University
Undergraduate Catalog


GOVT 100G. American National Government - 3 cr.
U.S. constitutional system; legislative, executive and judicial processes; popular and group influence.
GOVT 101. Introductory Government Seminar - 1 cr.
Introduction to the government major. Designed to assist students in planning college experience and preparing for professional or advanced educational opportunities upon graduation. Graded: S/U. Restricted to: Main campus only.
GOVT 110G. Introduction to Political Science - 3 cr.
This class covers fundamental concepts such as justice, sovereignty and power; political theories and ideologies; and government systems that range from democratic to authoritarian.
GOVT 150G. American Political Issues - 3 cr.
Major contemporary problems of American society and their political implications.
GOVT 160G. International Political Issues - 3 cr.
Current developments and issues in world politics.
GOVT 201. Special Topics - 3 cr.
Specific topics to be announced in Schedule of Classes. Community Colleges only. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits.
GOVT 300. Political Research Skills - 3 cr.
Introduction to methods of political analysis and fundamentals of research design, including basic methods for the collection and analysis of political data.
GOVT 308. Prepping for Law School Admissions Test - 1 cr.
This workshop helps students prepare to take the Law School Admissions Test and apply for law school. Graded: S/U.
GOVT 313. Model United Nations - 3 cr.
Issues related to the United Nations and international law/organizations through simulations, discussions and research projects. Prerequisites: GPA of 2.5 or better and consent of instructor.
GOVT 314. Advanced Model UN - 3 cr.
Advanced topics, research and preparation for Model United Nations activities. Consent of instructor required. Prerequisite(s): GOVT 313, minimum GPA 2.5. Restricted to: Main campus only.
GOVT 315. Politics and Film - 3 cr.
Exploration of political themes, images, and representation in film and other media. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits under different subtitles.
GOVT 320. Domestic Policy - 3 cr.
The course examines how U.S. public policy is made, including the players, politics, issues and power critical to the policy process. An interactive class that bridges theory and political action. Restricted to: Main campus only.
GOVT 321. Topics in Public Policy - 3 cr.
Course examines issues in public policy. May be repeated under different subtitles.
GOVT 324. Environmental Policy - 3 cr.
This introductory course explores environmental policy issues. Students study perspectives of policy-makers, political activists and policy analysts, and apply policy models to solve pressing environmental problems. Focus may be on U.S. or global concerns.
GOVT 325. Education Policy and Politics - 3 cr.
Overview of current pressing policy issues and political debates on education in the U.S., including school choice, vouchers, accountability, and affirmative action. Multiple topics and perspectives covered, with political economy as the main approach.
GOVT 330. Introduction to Public Administration - 3 cr.
What is public administration? Course examines public service, focusing on federal and state government. Issues include management and leadership, personnel, bureaucratic politics, organizational theory, personnel, budgeting and administrative law. Restricted to: Main campus only.
GOVT 331. Special Topics in Public Administration - 3 cr.
Special topics in public administration. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits under different subtitles.
GOVT 335. Management of Nonprofit Organizations - 3 cr.
This course provides an overview of a range of nonprofit management concerns and practices. Students will be challenged to assess their own theories of nonprofit accountability and excellence, while confronting critical issues facing the sector. Activities are designed to expand the management skills of students by offering analytical tools and knowledge, and providing opportunities to test the application of these skills.
GOVT 340. American State and Local Government - 3 cr.
Development, structure, functions, and contemporary problems.
GOVT 341. Special Topics: American Politics - 3 cr.
Course examines contemporary issues and trends in American government and politics. May be repeated under different subtitles.
GOVT 343. Congress and the Legislative Process - 3 cr.
This class reviews the history, structure, membership, operation, power and culture of the American Congress. Restricted to: Main campus only.
GOVT 344. The American Presidency - 3 cr.
A comprehensive overview of the U.S. presidency, including powers, electoral politics, decision-making styles, domestic and foreign policy, and relations with Congress, courts, media and interest groups.
GOVT 345. The Supreme Court - 3 cr.
This class studies the history and operation of the Supreme Court, as well as landmark cases that have shaped American government and the Court.
GOVT 346. New Mexico Government and Politics - 3 cr.
Political and governmental institutions in the state of New Mexico.
GOVT 348. Political Parties and Interest Groups - 3 cr.
Organization, principles, and functions of political parties and interest groups in the U.S.
GOVT 350. Special Topics in American Government - 3 cr.
Special topics in American government. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits under different subtitles.
GOVT 351. Campaigns and Elections - 3 cr.
Dynamics of campaigns and electoral politics, and their relationship to the formulation of public policy.
GOVT 352. Campaign Strategies and Techniques - 3 cr.
Emphasis on the practice of political campaigns, including targeting, media, polling, and other campaign techniques and strategies.
GOVT 353. Women, Politics and Administration - 3 cr.
An examination of women's participation in U.S. electoral politics as voters, candidates, and officeholders; political activism in issue-based movements and strategies for affecting public policy; leadership as administrators and managers in public service agencies. Also explores the influence of feminism in changing women's roles socially, legally, and politically. Crosslisted with: W S 453
GOVT 354. American Indian Politics - 3 cr.
Introduction to American Indian tribal governments, politics, policy, and administration; historical and contemporary leadership of Indian Nations; and the history and current status of American Indian-U.S. relations. Students learn about Native peoples' cultural responses, forms of resistance, and adaptations to colonization. Restricted to: Main campus only.
GOVT 360. International Relations - 3 cr.
Introduction to world politics; fundamental international issues and problems.
GOVT 361. Special Topics in International Relations - 3 cr.
Course examines contemporary issues in international relations. May be repeated under different subtitles.
GOVT 362. International Political Economy - 3 cr.
Political factors in international economic relations; theories of political economy.
GOVT 363. Inter-American Relations - 3 cr.
Relations between nations of the Western Hemisphere; the inter-American system; emerging major powers; the role of the U.S.
GOVT 364. National Security Policy - 3 cr.
Evolution of U.S. national security policy; problems in defining national interests and related allocation of resources.
GOVT 366. American Foreign Policy - 3 cr.
Formulation, content and rationale of current foreign policies of the U.S.
GOVT 367. Terrorism - 3 cr.
An introductory course using an interdisciplinary framework to explore definitions, historical roots, contemporary manifestations and future trends in political terrorism.
GOVT 368. Fundamentals of Intelligence Studies - 3 cr.
Introductory survey of the major theoretical approaches and substantive issues in intelligence studies.
GOVT 369. Nationalism, Ethnic Cleansing, and Genocide in 20th Century - 3 cr.
Same as HIST 377.
GOVT 370. Comparative Politics - 3 cr.
Introduction to functional approaches to comparing similarities and differences among political systems.
GOVT 371. Latin American Politics - 3 cr.
Basic structure of politics in major Latin American countries; role of groups, including church, labor, and parties.
GOVT 372. Special Topics in Comparative Politics - 3 cr.
Course examines contemporary issues in comparative politics. May be repeated under different subtitles. Restricted to: Main campus only.
GOVT 373. Resistance Movements in World Politics - 3 cr.
Research on violent and non-violent resistance movements around the world. Focus on their origins, demands, ideologies, strategies and impacts in the post-Cold War context of economic globalization, US military power and new geopolitical dynamics.
GOVT 374V. The European City: History and Culture - 3 cr.
Course presents the rich, complex history and cultures of European cities from ancient to modern times, lining these cities to crucial issues in European history.
GOVT 375. Self Determination and Minority Rights - 3 cr.
Comparative study of ethnic relations, minority rights, identity, citizenship and political representation.
GOVT 378. U.S.-Mexico Border Politics - 3 cr.
Comparative perspectives applied to the problems of the U.S.-Mexican border.
GOVT 379. Mexican Politics - 3 cr.
Introduction to the politics and government of contemporary Mexico.
GOVT 380V. Contemporary World Political Ideologies - 3 cr.
Introduction to the prevailing political ideologies in the modern world and the ways in which modern nations operating under one or more of these ideologies attempt to answer fundamental questions about the allocation and distribution of rights, liberties, and other things of value. In addition, the course work and discussions attempt to address recent political, social, and economic events in various areas of the world.
GOVT 381. Special Topics in Political Theory - 3 cr.
Course explores special topics or theorists in political theory. May be repeated under different subtitles.
GOVT 382. Classical Political Thought - 3 cr.
Analysis of main currents in political thought from ancient Greece and Rome to the high Middle Ages.
GOVT 383. Modern Political Thought - 3 cr.
Historical and theoretical examination of political ideas and ideologies from Machiavelli to Nietzsche. Topics include liberalism, conservatism, romanticism, communism, and Nihilism.
GOVT 384. Contemporary Political Thought - 3 cr.
Examination of major currents in political theory from early twentieth century to the present. Includes positivism, fascism, neo-liberalism, and varieties of postmodernism.
GOVT 385. American Political Thought - 3 cr.
Introduction to major American thinkers and historical currents from colonial time to the present.
GOVT 386. Political Economy - 3 cr.
Analysis of political ideas concerning the role of the state in management of national economies, in both European and American contexts.
GOVT 387. Religion and Politics - 3 cr.
Survey of major points of interaction between politics and religion in the U.S., using theoretical, historical, and institutional analysis.
GOVT 390. Special Topics in Public Law - 3 cr.
Course examines various issues in public law. May be repeated under different subtitles.
GOVT 391. Constitutional Law - 3 cr.
The class explores the reasoning and political context of the Supreme Court cases that define the distribution and limits of governmental powers and duties under the U.S. Constitution, including separation of powers and federalism. Restricted to: Main campus only.
GOVT 392. Civil Liberties - 3 cr.
The course examines the reasoning and political context of major Supreme Court cases defining constitutional rights of free speech, religious liberty, free press and criminal procedural rights.
GOVT 394. Judicial Process - 3 cr.
Class examines the structure, function and purpose of the American judicial system. Restricted to: Main campus only.
GOVT 395. Law and Society - 3 cr.
Class critically explores the development, role and impact of law on our society, covering different theories of law, conceptions of justice and the values they reflect. These models are then applied to current legal issues. Not a class in legal reasoning, but one where students evaluate their beliefs about the legal system. Restricted to: Main campus only.
GOVT 396. International Law - 3 cr.
Nature, growth, and scope of law of nations, rights and obligations of states in peace and war, current issues.
GOVT 397. Law and Sex - 3 cr.
Sex-based discrimination and the impact of constitutional and statutory provisions and their judicial interpretations and executive orders and implementations. Same as W S 397.
GOVT 399. New Mexico Law - 3 cr.
New Mexico legal system, court structure and procedures; legal terms and concepts; constitutional, criminal, mass media, historical and social issues relating to New Mexico. Same as C J 399, HIST 399, JOUR 399, and SOC 399.
GOVT 405. Directed Readings - 1-3 cr.
Individualized readings. Course subtitled. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits. Graded S/U. Consent of instructor required.
GOVT 406. Independent Study - 1-3 cr.
Individualized research. Course subtitled. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits. Consent of instructor required.
GOVT 407. Workshop - 1-6 cr.
Focus on skills related to careers in government and political science. Specific topics announced in the Schedule of Classes; may be repeated for a total of 6 credits. Only 3 credits apply toward government major or minor requirements. Graded S/U.
GOVT 410. Internship - 1-12 cr.
Hands-on experience working with public agencies, political campaigns, elected officials & non-profits. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits; only 3 credits apply toward government major or minor requirements. Consent of instructor required. Graded: S/U. Prerequisite(s): Completion of 12 government credits, 2.5 GPA, junior and above standing.
GOVT 411. Service Learning Experience - 3 cr.
Experiential learning through a community service project. May be subtitled to reflect service activity. Prerequisites: completion of 12 government credits, junior or above standing, and consent of instructor. May be repeated for a total of 6 credits; only 3 credits apply toward government major or minor requirements.
GOVT 412. Practicum in Student Government - 3 cr.
Research of issues in student government. Consent of instructor required. Graded: S/U. Prerequisite(s): Student government participation, completion of 12 GOVT credits, junior or senior standing.
GOVT 415. Senior Seminar - 1 cr.
Review and integration of political skills acquired in the Government Department. Students will prepare a professional portfolio for entry into the workforce, advanced study, and civic participation. Graded S/U.
GOVT 465. Peru: From Incas to Inca Kola - 3 cr.
Explores issues of cultural and national identity in Peru from the Incas to the present, focusing on the modern period. Themes include indigenous resistance and adaptation to colonial rule, nationalism, militarism, terrorism, globalization, and the drug trade. Same as ANTH 459 and HIST 459.
GOVT 468. Rebels, Guerrillas, and Terrorists in Modern Latin America - 3 cr.
Explores history of rebels in Latin America. Examines guerilla struggles attaining national dimension. Focus on modern events, including Peru's Shining Path, Columbia's FARC, and Mexico's Zapatistas. Same as HIST 331.
GOVT 469. Globalization - 3 cr.
Analysis of the globalization process. Covers theories of globalization, the global economy, political globalization, global culture, transnational social movements, transnational migration and world labor market, global cities, and local-global linkages. Same as SOC 489.
GOVT 473. Germany - 3 cr.
Political, social, and cultural developments from the eighteenth century to the present, with emphasis on the Nazi era. Same as HIST 383.
GOVT 474. European Politics - 3 cr.
Politics in European countries, European integration, post-communist states, regionalism and border politics.
GOVT 476. Modern Eastern Europe - 3 cr.
Addresses the diversity of Eastern European political and cultural experiences from the end of the 19th century to the present day. Same as HIST 380.
GOVT 493. Mass Communications Law - 3 cr.
Same as JOUR 493 and COMM 493.