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New Mexico State University
Undergraduate Catalog


RGSC 150. Rangeland Science Profession - 1 cr.
Introduction to scientific disciplines and career opportunities in rangeland science and management.
RGSC 294. Rangeland Resource Management - 3 cr.
Overview of arid and semi-arid ecosystems in the US and abroad, rangeland plant physiology, ecology of rangeland plant communities and ecosystems, sustainable management for multiple uses including grazing livestock production, wildlife habitat, recreation and ecosystem services, and economics of rangeland-based enterprises. Restricted to: Main campus only.
RGSC 302V. Forestry and Society - 3 cr.
Global study of the development and use of forest resources for production of wood, fuel, fiber, and food products. Climatic, edaphic, cultural, and economic influences on forests of the world evaluated. Same as HORT 302V.
RGSC 307. Rangeland Grasses - 3 cr. (1+4P)
Taxonomy of grasses; variations in grass spikelet structure and use of grass keys for identification.
RGSC 316. Rangeland Plants - 2 cr. (1+3P)
Identification, classification, and economic importance of native and introduced rangeland plants.
RGSC 317. Rangeland Communities - 3 cr.
Rangeland associations and communities, their plant species composition, and ecological factors affecting management of communities. Same as GEOG 317.
RGSC 318. Watershed Management - 3 cr. (2+2P)
Management of rangeland and forest watersheds with emphasis on hydrologic cycle and land use effects on runoff and water quality.
RGSC 325. Rangeland Restoration Ecology - 3 cr.
Principles and practices of vegetation management and ecological restoration. Course emphasizes problems associated with rangeland degradation, and implementation of rangeland restoration and improvements. Prerequisite(s): Sophomore standing or consent of instructor.
RGSC 390. Internship - 1-3 cr.
Professional work experience under the joint supervision of the employer and a faculty member. A written report is required. No more than 3 credits toward a degree. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Graded S/U.
RGSC 402. Seminar - 1 cr.
Topics in range science. Oral and written reports. Prerequisite: senior standing.
RGSC 406. Rangeland Team Competition - 1 cr.
Description and characteristics of range plants. May be repeated for a maximum of 4 credits.
RGSC 440. Rangeland Resource Ecology - 3 cr.
Living and nonliving factors of the range environment, the life forms and role of range plants and animals on succession and interactions in range ecosystems. Prerequisite(s): BIOL 301.
RGSC 440 L. Rangeland Resource Ecology Lab - 1 cr. (2P)
RGSC 448. Problems - 1-4 cr.
Individual investigation in a specific area of range science. Maximum of 4 credits per semester and a grand total of 6 credits.
RGSC 452. Rangeland Analysis - 4 cr. (2+4P)
Analysis methods used to determine structure and function of rangelands and their applications to rangeland management and assessment. Prerequisites: RGSC 294 and A ST 311.
RGSC 458. Livestock Behavior, Welfare and Handling - 3 cr. (2+3P)
Principles of animal behavior and evaluation of management practices on animal welfare in confined and rangeland livestock operations. Low stress livestock handling techniques. Design of livestock handling facilities. Prerequisite(s): RGSC 294 or ANSC 100. Crosslisted with: ANSC 458
RGSC 460. Advanced Rangeland Management - 4 cr. (3+3P)
Rangeland survey methods; rangeland management plans; problems of rangeland administration; cooperation in rangeland improvement programs. Prerequisites: RGSC 294, RGSC 440, and RGSC 452.